The Trailer & Machine

We now have 4 trailers to get the big jobs done quick!

We use the Peake Hill Industries Shear EZY unit which clamps the sheep and is able to roll the ram over into a cradle where the back legs are locked in leg restraints. We designed the trailer to suit a lot of areas be it out in the yards or inside a big shed. Each trailer can do 100-130 per day!

The trailers are 7ft wide and 3m tall so will fit through most gates and can be set up by hooking onto any race that is available.

What we can do
  • Dorsets rams & Ewes

  • White/Black Suffolcks & Ewes

  • Composite rams

  • Borderlester Rams & Ewes

  • Sorry we can't do merino rams



  • No sedative required saving time and money

  • Rams not off feed for too long

  • Quality job

  • A lot less stress on all involved

Shorn Rams
The Finished product

We pride ourselves on the quality of the shearing and quantity.

Because the ram is restrained and our own designed pattern of shearing allows us to shear the rams with big flat areas making the quality of the job second to none. This picture just gives a snapshot of the job we can do but is indicative of our job everyday.

What we need from you

Things we need to be able to set up and shear your rams.

  • Power outlet

  • Area for the trailer to be able to access

  • A race be it in the yards or in the shed

  • A few portable panels to hook onto our lead up ramp

  • Preferably the rams in the yards the day before

  • We will need someone to help push up especially if the set up isn't so good

What happens to the wool

We carry two portable wool pack holders and set both up near the head holder so he can put the wool in each pack.

Once we have shorn the ram we roll the wool up and throw it straight in the pack.

The wool around the crutch generally falls down onto a tray under the sheeps bum so most of it is separated, but if they are very dirty we can skirt the crutch.

Belly's are kept separated and placed in another pack